Services computer repair at its finest

Hardware failure? Software failure? doesnt matter, Contact Computer Max NOW! We can fix your computer or at least tell you what the situation is and give you an estimate for FREE. We stand by our repairs and many of our clients swear by our work. Come find out why everyone trusts our work over our competitors.

After months of use, Your computer is probably not going to "feel" as fast as it once seemed. Load times become minutes and even turning your computer on gives you five extra minutes of free time. Computer Max can optimize your system by turning off the programs you dont want to load when you turn on your system. Scan for programs that suck up your systems precious resources, and even offer pricing towards compatible future upgrades for your pc.

Cant make it to the store to see us? Thats ok. Our customers can rest assured that if any repair or upgrade becomes faulty or if there is a system error that cant be described our technicians can log in to that system remotely and troubleshoot over the phone and in "real-time" fix the situation.

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